Costa Maya Ministries Sunday Worship in Mahahual Mexico

"I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."  John 8:12

Position Title
​Education Director, Costa Maya Ministries/Cruz de Cristo Lutheran Church

Position Description

The chief role of the Costa Maya Ministries (CMM) Education Director is always to evaluate and focus all ministry efforts to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Maya. This role includes working with the CMM Missionary nurturing the congregation in their faith as members and as disciples of Jesus Christ in Cruz de Cristo Lutheran Church.  

  • Coordinate and participate in teaching in both Spanish and English in Costa Maya Mexico.
  • Manage the education center space and all activities and people related to it
  • Provide clear and Christ-centered collaborative supportive partnership to the Costa Maya missionaries, staff and volunteers.
  • Provide regular and detailed information to the Costa Maya board as needed.

Primary Responsibilities

Provide direct leadership for the Costa Maya education center and any education staff/volunteers at the direction of the Costa Maya Ministry board.

Provide development, direction and teaching of education programs under the following phases of the CMM ministry plan:

  • Plan Phase 1 -- EFL expansion for adult and youth outreach (yrs 1-3 of Plan)
  • Plan Phase 2 -- Casitas/after school tutoring. “Skills-building” for adults and children on topics such as computer competency, finances, etc. Also look in to addressing community literacy issues and some basic mathematics. To keep motivation and engagement there should also be something planned in either the arts or athletics.  (yrs 2-4 of Plan)
  • Plan Phase 3 -- day care/early childhood program (yrs 3-5 of Plan)

Provide quarterly reports of education center activity to supervisor and Costa Maya Ministries board.

Secondary Responsibilities (In conjunction and coordination with Missionary and local staff)

  • Manage rental agreements, maintenance, bills, etc. related to education center.
  • Meet with Costa Maya missionary on a weekly basis.
  • Attend Skype meetings with CMM board whenever they are held.
  • Provide leadership of weekly education and worship programs when the current missionary is not on location.
  • Assist with evangelism ministry activities.
  • Encourage and mentor local participation in education


  • Spanish & English language fluency
  • Understanding of the basic principles outlined in the “When Helping Hurts” books by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
  • Teaching experience (teaching degree beneficial, but not absolutely required)
  • Experience teaching English to non-native speakers. Minimum requirement is certification in teaching English as a second/foreign language.
  • Experience in leading and facilitating bible study

This position reports directly to the Costa Maya Ministries Missionary. The Costa Maya Ministries board is the hiring body and as such holds the final overall direction and responsibility for this position.

Education Director Compensation Package:

Salary:                       All reasonable & customary local living expenses are covered, plus a mission-field stipend.
Housing:                   Furnished apartment/utilities including WIFI
Transportation:       ministry vehicles are available locally for ministry activities, including fuel; otherwise local taxi or  

                                   regional bus services.
Travel:                       Ministry compensation for travel to and from Mahahual, Mexico from current residence at beginning,

                                   and end of ministry employ plus one round trip per year for the duration of the employ.
Insurance:                Health and Emergency insurance is provided