Costa Maya Ministries Sunday Worship in Mahahual Mexico

"I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John 8:12

​​​Downtown Mahahual

Besides the port area, this is the main tourist area in town. The long malecón (boardwalk) was constructed after Hurricane Dean in 2007 and is lined with hotels, restaurants, and street vendors. Some people also live in this area.

​Who We Are

God has certainly given us a diverse mission field! In Mahahual there are cruise ship workers who come and go, taxi drivers, hotel and restaurant employees who are more permanent, and small business owners, some of whom have been here since the time Mahahual was no more than a few houses and a couple stores. Along the coast foreign families buy their dream beach homes, and local caretakers live on the properties year round. Using our church as a home base, we are able to preach the eternal gospel to every nation, tribe, language, and people, as we see in Revelation 14:6!

“Las Casitas” neighborhood of Mahahual

Las Casitas means “little houses” and was originally built for cruise ship workers as a place to live near the port during cruise ship season. It has since grown and expanded to include a more varied and somewhat more permanent population. This is the neighborhood where Iglesia Cruz de Cristo (Cross of Christ Church) is located.

​​Navigate the neighborhood, here is a Google earth picture and the backside of the church is off to you right.


 Up the coast 50 km or so along pot-hole filled roads brings you to the small community of Pulticub. Pulticub is one of the traditional fishing areas along the coast and a number of people continue to make their living that way today. It’s amazing to think God opened the door to 5 or 6 families we serve twice a month there as a mission outpost. These are families that live without electricity, running water, internet or phone service. The children, unfortunately, are not able to attend school because of the remoteness of the area. It’s a great opportunity to preach the Word, and help as we can with physical needs as well

Rio Indio

Starting about 13 kilometers up the coast from our church, and continuing another 10 kilometers or so, is a beautiful stretch of beach. All up and down that area there are houses of expats, national vacationers, caretakers, and fishermen. By God’s grace, and largely through the efforts of member Deb Blackburn, we’ve been able to build contacts to share the gospel in both Spanish and English. Every Friday we host a Bible study at Rio Indio Restaurant, owned by one of our church members

Kilometer 55

 The “Kilometer 55” neighborhood is appropriately named because it’s located at about the 55-kilometer mark from where the Cafetal highway branches off toward Mahahual. Kilometer 55 is only a short distance up the road from our church. The residents are mostly permanent and work in service jobs such as hotel and restaurant employees, taxi drivers, construction workers, and massage therapists on the beach. Most of the people there live in relative poverty. We have served these families and their children for a number of years with Bible studies, kids’ programs, and the soup kitchen.

​Navigate the neighborhood, here is a Google earth picture and kilometer 55 is a left turn onto the gravel.